Trial beer tasting at APN online

Many thanks to APN online for allowing me to practice on them and giving valuable feedback for BeerIQ. I presented trial run of my beer tasting event to a group of 11 guys and one beer-loving woman. Trial – since this was my first real event and while I think I have interesting things to say, it’s good to get the confirmation others.

We went through three beers this time: Croucher Pale Ale, NZ Craft Beer TV Mash Up, and Hawkes Bay Black Duck Porter. Ironically, I presented this on the same day that an article on their website  about Macs Breweries called them a craft brewer. Hmmm. Sorry, DB, but when you tone down your recipes to be more accessible (ie sell more),  produce massive quantities, and use your big company lawyers to push around the little guys, I think you lose your “craft” designation.

Actually, this is an excellent topic – what makes a craft beer, “craft”. I will need to have a good think about this and will post at a later time.

Okay, back to the tasting. The event progressed well, and they had really good questions (there was a journalist in the room). The feed back was very good with high praise for the beers.

Average rating out of 10: Croucher: 7.1; Mash-Up: 5.2; Black Duck Porter: 8.2

The main complaint in the room was that craft beers were not readily available in the grocery stores. I have to agree here, and suggested they all ask their local to start stocking beers they want to buy.

Overall, I am pleased with the result. Everyone seems to want beer matching (cheese and savory foods) and to be able to purchase the beers they taste at the event. I look forward to this being the case.

Again, thanks to APN Online for being welcoming and kind.


About beeriq

I am formally from San Francisco Bay Area in California where I lived for 17 years before moving to New Zealand. I now have my NZ citizenship. I am a huge fan of craft beer and wish everyone would pay attention to what they eat and drink.
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